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OASIS: Unrestricted

One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS), Unrestricted (UNR)

Contract Type:  Multiple-Award, Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity Contract (MAC) — Full and Open

Managing Office: General Services Administration

Customers: OASIS is available for government-wide use to acquire professional/integrated services

Period of Performance: 

  • Five-year base and one five-year option

  • Task orders can be awarded through 2024 with a Task order Period of Performance through 2029

General Overview of OASIS:  GSA’s OASIS Tier 3, Best-in-Class (BIC) solutions make procuring complex professional services expedient by maximizing streamlined acquisition processes. GSA has already done the heavy lifting of negotiating and awarding a master government-wide program (under FAR 16.505), allowing agency acquisition professionals to focus on mission-critical requirements.


The core disciplines/scopes of the contracts include program management services; management consulting services; logistics services; engineering services; scientific services; and financial services. InterFuze was awarded two pools for OASIS Unrestricted (UNR)—Pool 3 and 4—with the following NAICS:

OASIS/OASIS UNR Pool 3 ($41.5M Business Size Standard) — Contract #47QRAD20D3033  

  • 541330 Exception A – Military & Aerospace Equipment & Military Weapons

  • 541330 Exception B – Contracts  for Engineering Services Under National Energy Policy Act of 1992

  • 541330 Exception C – Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture

OASIS/OASIS UNR Pool 4 (1,000 Employee Size Standard) — Contract #47QRAD20D4031

  • 541713 – Research & Development in Nanotechnology

  • 541714 – Research & Development in Biotechnology (except Nanobiotechnology)

  • 541715 – Research & Development in Physical, Engineering & Life Sciences (except Nanotech. or Biotech.)

Benefits of OASIS:

  • All contract types & hybrids and multiple disciplines on single task order

  • FAR Part 16.5 “Streamlined Acquisition Procedures”

  • NO Synopsizing

  • NO Protests under $10 Million

  • NO FAR Part 15.3 “Source Selection Procedures”

  • Maximum flexibility for ancillary support; ancillary items may be included in a single OASIS task order

Order Types: 

  • All contract types are allowed, including fixed-price, labor-hour, time-and-materials, cost-reimbursement, and hybrids.

  • The average task order size is $34M for OASIS Unrestricted (full and open), versus $13M for SB task orders.

Small Business Considerations: N/A

Additional Information:

Point of Contact Contact — OASIS UNR Program Manager: 

David Shoffner, PMP, InterFuze Senior Vice President
Phone: (443) 204-7142



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